C H O O S I N G   Y O U R   V A L E N T I N E   V I N T A G E


This year, Valentine's Day will be a different experience for many of us. With restaurants closed across the UK, it's almost impossible to indulge in the more traditional methods of showing our love, such as dining out or ordering fizz at the bar.

We've already had a look at Michelin restaurants that offer delivery for two, so we thought we'd also bring you a selection of fine red and white wines that can be ordered online for February 14th. Whether you're looking for a deep velvety red, a diamond clear white or a glass of sparkling elegance this Valentine's, there's something to cover all the bases in our list of acclaimed luxury vintages.

And why not bring a touch of Bohemian magic to the table with some artisan glassware? Wine does not have to be confined to the traditional curves of the high-stemmed glass. Be brave and consider taking a contemporary approach to decanting your take away wines this Valentine's Day.

A blend of vines from the Côte de Beaune region in France give this Pinot a truly unique taste. The younger vines bring delicious, ripe red fruit with notes of cherry and raspberry, while the older ones add to the structure and offer complex notes of spice and herbs, perfect for pairing with game or fish.

B O U R G O G N E    P I N O T   N O I R   C A S E


F R O M   H A R R O D S

Harrods has long been a beacon of luxury food and wine, bringing together an eclectic range of artisanal goods including confectionary, tea and surperb selections of wine. And we took a fancy to this 12 bottle case of 2017 Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

W H I T E   W I N E   C A S E


F R O M   H A R V E Y   N I C H O L S

The case contains six enchanting wines ranging from stone-cold classics to undiscovered gems, each one handpicked by a team of experts and bottled exclusively for Harvey Nichols.

Its contents boast; an exotic Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc rich with passionfruit and gooseberry; a zesty, spring-like Grüner Veltliner that will pair perfectly with Vietnamese summer rolls; a splash of Portuguese sunshine from the heart of Port country; a sustainable Bordeaux made at Château Lamothe; and a unique Pecorino of the grape variety, not the cheese.

Since Harvey Nichols first opened in Knightsbridge in 1831, it's pioneered the luxury market in sourcing the most desirable and cutting-edge designer brands. And yet, many people might not know that their wines are equally as exquisite, such as this extraordinary treasure chest of white wine.

O R G A N I C   &   V E G A N    A L T E O


B Y   F A L S O L I   G I N O

If organic or vegan wines are your thing, then Vinceremos is one of the longest established online organic wine specialists out there, importing the largest range into the UK since 1985. We were particular taken with their vegan Amarone di Valpolicella ‘Alteo’ DOC by Falsoli Gino.

This vintage defnitely doesn't lack subtlety and offers a remarkable combination of aroma and taste. This intriguing variety offers notes of plum, blackberries and cherry syrup, with spicy nuances.

The Fasoli Gino team recommend drinking their Amarone with red meat, game and mature cheese or it's also excellent as a dessert wine, accompanying, for example, a hazelnut cake.

L O U I S   DO R N I E R   C H A M P A G N E


F R O M   A P P L E Y A R D

And this little package is no exception. With a bottle of Louis Dornier Champagne comes 12 tempting handmade chocolate truffles. Dornier offers a traditional style with gentle biscuit flavours complemented by deliciously refined, "grapey" fruit flavours. It's the perfect gift when combined with 12 delicious, mixed chocolate truffles, cafted in a Hampshire village, with love and passion.

Appleyard is known as a luxury floral and gifting emporium, offering boutique designs with a modern British flair. We love them for their passion for cutting edge floral design and luxury craftsmanship, making every purchase a unique experience.