M I C H E L I N   T A K E A W A Y S   F O R   T W O


With Valentine's Day on the horizon, many of us would normally be booking our favourite restaurant, planning a romantic evening out with dinner for two. And yet, 2021 has other ideas. Many restaurants may not be open in February, but we believe there is hope. We have discovered that many of the top Michelin starred restaurants are offering takeaway options across the country.

From vegan feasting to sumptuous seafood, there's no reason to go without a stunning romantic meal this year. We've picked out a few of our favourites from across the UK and we've even got some tips and ideas for recreating that special restaurant ambience at home.

Every week during lockdown, Pied A Tierre are creating a new vegan menu that you can order in. The French Michelin starred fine dining restaurant is one of London’s oldest independently run establishments, opening at the Fitzrovia in 1991.

A   V E G A N   F E A S T   B Y   P I E D   A   T I E R R E

Although the menu changes each week, the early February menu is looking tantalizingly tasty. 

Starters include; 
Carrot and Ginger Soup with a Ricotta and Mint Dip, topped off with Tabbouleh. 

Main course;
 Chickpea Casserole with Feta.

Chocolate Rice Pudding with Blueberries.


Normally, their exceptional gourmet food includes vegetarian and vegan choices with a la carte and tasting menus provided. However, during lockdown in the UK you can book a meal for two that can be collected or delivered.

T A B L E S C A P I N G   F O R   T W O


Even if the food is delectable, dining at home this Valentine's may not be as glamorous as stepping out to your favourite restaurant. However, with a little tablescaping, it's not too difficult to bring a touch of magic to the dinner table. 

Ordering-in flowers and arranging them in elegant vases or jugs can really bring a table to life and fill the space with colour. Matching candles and contemporary candlestick holders will guarantee that low-lit romantic ambience or have a go at creative napkin folding for that extra special touch.

If you're based further north, then we think Michelin star restaurant Mana is worth a look. Mana is a highly desirable and sophisticated venue, where you might find yourself on a waiting list for upto 3 months. However, during lockdown, they're offering some incredible luxury takeaway cheese burgers.

H E A V E N L Y   B U R G E R S   F R O M   M A N A


Run by Chef Simon Martin, Mana's philosophy remains uplifting and hopeful despite the difficult times we're facing. “The point of Mana is to rediscover everything that’s been forgotten about Britain’s indigenous produce and ingredients."

"We are extremely excited to bring some sunshine to an otherwise unspectacular period in many people’s lives. To do that, we considered comfort foods that we could apply our usual ethos and knowledge to."

And these are some beautifully designed burgers. Each burger is comprised of a Lake District Farmers’ Belted Galloway smoked beef patty made with shin, rump cap and brisket. The American-style cheese is made with St Andrew’s Cheddar and local Cloudwater beer. The potato and brown butter bun is filled with Koji and dill mayonnaise, lettuce and green onion paste.

S E T T I N G   T H E   S C E N E

"Tablescaping is about being taken to another place. We all like that. It’s the sense of being transported."

If you're keen to try your hand at tablescaping for this Valentines, or even if you're experienced in the art of table-top transformation, we suggest taking a leaf out of Event Imagineer Tony Marklew's book. We absolutely adore Tony's fairytale creations, experimenting with flowers, light and napkin origami.

Tony has become an inspirational hit on Instagram and he's no stranger to the most eminent of Mayfair private members' clubs where he often creates stunning immersive installations. Working with Annabel's, Tony created this stunning layout using KLIMCHI glassware in 2020.

S E A F O O D   F R O M   R I C K   S T E I N

Each delivery comes with a 3 course dinner for two and all the instructions you need to plate up. What's more, Stein is offering the widest selection of menus from all the Michelin delivery options we've seen. Options include a Vegetarian box of Cashew and Chickpea Curry, a Lobster box that includes Scallops as a starter, a Sea Bass box, a Hake box and if you're not feeling fishy there's even a Steak box.

With restaurants across the UK, Rick Stein's brand of classic cooking is anchored in his love of Cornwall and its rugged coastline. 'Seafood' is the name of his Padstow branch and it is arguably his most reknowned. 


"Cornwall is full of fantastic produce and we make the most of it in our restaurants. As well as delivering great flavour and freshness to our dishes, it’s a pleasure to work with local businesses and it helps to cut down on food miles."

If you're looking for a romantic Valentine's dinner caught fresh from the sea, take a look at what's on offer.