K L I M C H I   V A L E N T I NE   G I F T   G U I D E


February 14th won't quite be the same this year. You might live with your partner, but you might not be able to take them out and treat them rotten. Or perhaps you can't be with your valentine at all this year. Wherever they are, now is the time to lift your loved one's spirits and let them know they are loved.  


We've put together a Valentine's Gift Guide where every item can be ordered online and gift wrapped. We've picked an exclusive list of luxury items including boutique seasonal flowers, designer cologne, artisan glassware and scented candles.

Whether you want something you can both enjoy imediately or a gift for someone you can't be with just yet, our gift guide is guaranteed to have something to keep the flame burning through these cold winter months.

R O S A L I N E   T A L L   H O B N A I L   J U G


A M B E R    D E S I R E

Herrera's signature scent sings with velvety and oiental amber – a resin which acts as an elementary base to this exotic yet earthy fragrance.

Amber Desire's cosmopolitan edge comes from an intoxicating fusion of date, rose absolute, vanilla and labdanum, all combined to create a light yet powerful aura.

B Y   C A R O L I N A   H E R R E R A

A recent addition to KLIMCHI's signature line of Bohemian crystal Hobnail glassware. The Tall Rosaline Hobnail Jug is an elegant option, bringing the delicate hue of rose petal to the dinning table or featuring as a floral centre piece on the coffee table.

With matching tumblers, vases and goblets, you can bring a touch of candy-coloured magic to any occasion.

A M B R E / A M B E R   S C E N T E D   C A N D L E


S H A D O W S    E S P R E S S O   G L A S S


Since 1963, the Parisian boutique Diptyque has been transforming light into perfume in the form of its classic scented candles.

Our favourite is the heady and woody scent of Ambre / Amber, embracing the deeper balms and spices of the forest.

Designed exclusively for KLIMCHI by award winning glass artist and designer František Jungvirt, the Shadows collection is our newest range of artisan glassware.

 These Espresso Glass Cups in soft Suede Pink will brighten up your morning juice shot or they're perfect as a small but elegant glass of late night red after dinner. 

L U X U R Y   F R E S H   C H O C O L A T E S

C R Y S T A L   H OB N A I L    J U G


Inspired by the changing seasons and influenced by Rococo's talented multicultural team, the Chocolatiere's current collection focuses on warming, comforting flavours with a hint of nostalgia.

These chocolates are handmade in small batches in Rococo's London kitchen and are designed to take your taste buds on a virtual journey. With speciality coffee from Kenya, cinnamon from Madagascar and dates from Tunisia, every bite is an adventure.


KLIMCHI's finest piece, blown by the hands of traditional artisans. This is our stunning Crystal Hobnail Jug. Timeless and elegant, these jugs are both beautiful and functional.

With matching goblets, bowls and vases, our cloud clear crystal range brings a touch the divine to any table or shelf. 

A F T   F R I D A Y   F L O W E R  F I X


Valentine's Day simply wouldn't be complete without flowers and we have fallen head over heels for Abigails Flower Truck. Devonshire born florist Abigail has had a passion for creativity and nature since she was a child. Now, she's turned her love of gardening, imagery and fashion into a pop-up travelling flower stand called Abigail's Flower Truck.

We absolutely adore her vintage take on seasonal bouquets, and if you're organised you can order a Friday delivery of her seasonal specials every week. If you live in the AL1-AL4 areas or further out in Hemel Hempstead or Watford, make sure you book your bunch by Tuesday 8pm in time for Friday!