B R I N G I N G  H O M E  T H E  E X O T I C   W I T H  S O  S O U K

Join us as we talk to Jo Peppiatt and Petrina Martin from artisan lifestyle boutique So Souk, asking about their extraordinary journey towards becoming curators of exotic handmade homeware.


Inspired by their trips to Moroco and India, Jo and Petrina dedicated themselves to bringing home a taste of the unique artisan pieces they discovered in busy street markets, bazaars and souks.

 We were entranced by their range of handwoven rugs, delicately painted ceramics and their own collection of block-printed textiles. So, we asked them all about their passions, inspirations and plans for future travel in the first of our So Souk Interview Series.

"So Souk started pretty much by accident after a girls’ trip to Morocco in 2016 and we soon fell in love with all the beautiful things in the markets. We bought back a few Moroccan bowls and some lovely woven baskets. We then gathered a few friends together and showed them the pieces over coffee and we pretty much sold everything!"


"We suddenly thought this was a nice business idea and so, fairly quickly, we returned to Morocco to pick up small pieces and that was the beginning of So Souk. We wanted to create a collection of artisan homeware and accessories that you can’t find in the shops; things that we love ourselves."

So... when and how did the idea for So Souk come about? 

How did this idea develop after that first trip?

"Everything we sell is handmade, like our handwoven bestselling bathmats which are made using traditional techniques. Our passion for handblock fabrics has developed over time, and there’s the beautiful glass jugs that we buy from KLIMCHI, which again are handmade. There are also handmade and hand painted ceramics. We are always searching for those things and looking to work with businesses that still use those traditional techniques."

So Souk prides itself on sourcing items made by independent artisan's across the globe. So, we asked: What kind of items do you get excited about when sourcing pieces?



"It was a real turning point for us. It meant that we could bring out our own So Souk label, which was really exciting. It was just a very inspirational place to visit and we were completely blown away by the beauty of the place; the colours, the sounds and smells. We had a lot of adventures."

"We visited India twice, in 2018 and then again in 2019. It was a huge change in the business for us because it meant that we were suddenly able to really get stuck into designing and choosing our own products and our own product range."


Tell us about your explorations of India!

So, India inspired you to begin creating your own pieces?

P A S S A G E  T O  I N D I A

"We've definitely got our sights set on Bali. We would love to go there and possibly work with some of the basket weaving side of the manufacturing out there, so that is something that's on our list. That would be wonderful."

So what's next on your inspirational travel itinerary?

B A L I   &   B A S K E T R Y

And So Souk's love of handmade basketry is already evident on their website, with a collection of woven palm leaf baskets. Crafted in Morocco, these soft, well structured baskets provide a rustic yet sustanable way to get the laundry done.


This is the first of 5 short interviews with So Souk, so stay tuned to read more about the many stunning artisan treasures they found on their travels through Morocco and India.


S O   S O U K   

I N T E R V I E W   S E R I E S 

This is just one the first in a short series of talks we had with Jo Peppiatt and Petrina Martin from So Souk.

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Watch this space for more stories with Jo and Petrina.