A N   A R T I S A N   L O V E   A F F A I R

W I T H   S O   S O U K

This is the third in our series of interviews with Jo Peppiatt and Petina Martin from artisan lifestyle boutique So Souk. We were inspired by their commitment to scour the globe, trekking through busy markets and bustling bazaars, in search of independent craftsfolk and artists. From their travels to India and Morocco, Jo and Petina have discovered and developed a stunning range of artisan wonders, including handcrafted ceramics, rugs, handblocked textiles and crystal glassware.


But So Souk is not just a carefully curated online marketplace. Establishing and developing close and personal relationships with the creators behind each piece plays a huge role in sourcing new collections for the So Souk emporium.

"What’s so exciting about artisan products is that there is so much room for developing new colours, patterns, new prints and making something your own. We really enjoy doing that and buying from small companies or small manufacturers allows you to build a relationship with the artisans. They get so excited about what they're producing too, because it's something unique. They love to be involved in working for a small business like us, particularly from a global perspective."


Why focus on curating artisan made products for So Souk?

B U I L D I N G   R E L A T I O N S H I P S

"Our glassware collection at the moment is reasonably limited, but we would love to expand it over time. The jugs we buy from KLIMCHI are the only glassware we’re selling. We hope in the future to add candlesticks, glasses and other products. We particularly love KLIMCHI’s bubble glass jugs. They are such a stunning piece. They also coordinate beautifully with all of our handblocked tablecloths and textiles. It's the colours in particular that we love. We don’t actually have a bestselling colour, they’re all incredibly popular! But I think the pinks, the blues, the greens just work so perfectly for us."


A   F U T U R E   F O R   A R T I S A N   G L A S S

What do you look for when selecting glassware for So Souk?

"In india, we began to build relationships with some suppliers who have become very firm friends. Obviously as businesses develop there will be suppliers that you may end up parting company with, but also there are others you go on to develop with. We've now got a very important selection of three or four suppliers that we trust and work with on an ongoing basis."

W H E R E   I N   T H E   W O R L D

"We work with artisans in India, Morocco and other countries, and they love seeing their products on the UK market. It’s a very exciting relationship to build with a supplier and we particularly enjoy seeing these relationships grow over time."

What allows So Souk to truly stand out from other modern homeware boutiques is their commitment to enrichening their relationships with individual suppliers from across the globe.

And so how have these relationships evolved?


S O   S O U K   

I N T E R V I E W   S E R I E S 


This is the third of our stories in a short series of five talks we had with Jo Peppiatt and Petina Martin from So Souk.

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